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I've created this blog on the assumption that since I am moving to another state, my friends in far flung places will have a way to figure out what's going on in my life, because all I can come up with in person is "Well, ya know, same ol' same ol'." ;p However, that doesn't mean you should assume I'll be writing much here... o.0~

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The couch and other various things...

Because Lianne wants to know, I'm going to talk about my couch tonight ;p This couch would be the large striped monster that was handed down from Jenn to Lianne, and finally to myself. Since I didn't have a bed to bring with me to New Jersey, I had the great idea to take the large couch from the basement, since I slept on it quite a bit anyway. Unfortunately, there was insufficient hallway space to maneuver it into my room here. ..so to answer Lianne's question, it has stayed in the living room and is in front of the sliding doors. I am currently sleeping on my twin airbed, with my comforter between me and the cold air inside the bed. So far it's been working out =^.^= If it will last all winter remains to be seen.... In any event, it's not the first time that I've ever lived on an airbed.

In completely unrelated news, I had my first 'social' event here in New Jersey, an event where I met people I hadn't known before. Eric and I went to a get together his sister was having with a lot of her friends for a big game day. We sat around a table and played games pretty much all day. I took my Munchkin game and somebody else brought Space Munchkin so we combined them to have a really hilarious run =^.^= I was introduced to the Brawl card game which is very fast but very tiring o.O~ And we played a good long strategy type game called Puerto Rico that was fun, but took a long time to learn! There was a fountain of coke and many cookies so I was a happy camper ;) The people were really cool, but would have been a lot more interesting if most of them hadn't been married parents... Marriage is one thing, but I tend to notice that people with very small kids just seem to lose a little something of themselves... which is as it should be I suppose, but makes for many interruptions during gameplay ;p



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